As we go thru some unprecedented times right now, we are all experiencing some extremely challenging times. As a current essential business right now, we are doing everything in our power to maintain safety and cleanliness, this is a very difficult task as resources get harder to come by.

Here are the steps we take to ensure cleanliness and sanitizing in our location.

  • We are spraying all carts and handles after every use as they circulate back to the front for new customers to use as they walk in. We are also preforming the same with hand baskets as well.
  • Cashiers and all other employees have disposable masks and gloves that are changed out periodically as needed. As well as a strict mandate to stay home if anyone is feeling any symptoms.
  • We sanitize the cashier counter tops and pin pads multiple times during every shift.
  • We run a complete sanitizing regimen at the end of the day every night to ensure that everything as has been cleaned out and sanitized for the next day to start.

As for seniors citizens to come in and shop, we have suggested and posted on our instagram page ( @foodgardenmarket ) that the best hour of shopping for seniors is 8am until 9am, which is our slowest time. Unfortunately because our resources are low , we can not enforce only one group of people to come in and shop so we ask our younger customers and neighbors to give courtesy to our senior community to shop freely during those hours.

As for merchandise and restocking, our distributors have ensured us time and time again that merchandise will keep coming in, but there will be limited items time and time again due to the enormous volume of purchasing that is still going on during these times around the state and the city. We can ensure you that we are working with all our vendors day and night, 24 hours a day to keep trucks and deliveries coming in to service all our customers and keep the shelves stocked. Again there will be many items not in stock that you might normally see here at our store or those same items will be extremely limited only because of the nature of the volume of purchasing and lack of resources for more delivery dates from our suppliers.

Lastly, we have put down many markers around the checkout area and around the store to remind everyone of the Social Distance Mandate, we will enforce the mandate in our checkout area to help keep everyone safe, and we ask all our customers to respect the Social Distancing Mandate and guidelines put in place by NYC and NYS. We also highly suggest that all customers use their own face masks and gloves when shopping as well to protect themselves and our staff as well. You will also see signage at the entrance and near the exit to remind everyone of keeping a fair distance during their shopping in the aisles and at the checkout. Together we will get thru this disaster and be stronger for it. We are all going thru very challenging times and patience is not easy but we need to stay calm and be helpful to one another to make it thru.

If you have any questions regarding anything listed above , please contact us at our email : [email protected]